Teknodingser Norwegian term for a technical gadget.
Is a so-called "placeholder name". Placeholder name is English for substitute name, and can be used for things where the correct name is either irrelevant or unknown in the context the term is discussed. It is important to note that a technodings usually works!
Electrodes Electrodes are gadgets that run on electricity.
These can be connected to mains voltage or battery, in house or car.
PC gadgets PC gadgets are sometimes intended for the USB port.
The USB port can sit on a PC or laptop. Or on a TV / Video / VCR. It can also sit in the car if you have purchased a USB adapter from Teknodings.com
PC gadgets can be converters, chargers or accessories, lamps or fans, bluetooth, card readers or network cards.
Storage gadgets Storage gadgets are gadgets that you can store something on.
Storage gadgets are usually small, so you can not store your car there.
Talking things Talking gadgets are gadgets that you can talk in, with, or on.
Driving Rescues Driving gadgets are gadgets that you can ride with. They can be used in a car, motorcycle or bicycle. Sometimes, even on snowmobiles.
LED gadgets LED gadgets usually contain one or more LEDs.
If the gadget does not contain one or more LEDs, it is not an LED gadget.
Personal gadgets Personal gadgets are gadgets that are, or may be, useful .
There may also be gadgets that you think are useless, but that others find useful.
Usually there is something you are wearing or with you, and you will usually use the gadget yourself.
Decorative items Decorative gadgets are gadgets that are only for decoration.
You may be able to use them for something, too.
Just gadgets Just gadgets.
These are gadgets that do not fit into any of the other categories. Then they're just gadgets.